It seemed that wallpaper was out of style in Melbourne, but it seems that it is the latest trend again. People are so obsessed with getting their home to be different than others. This is alright to do because we are all different. With technology improving every day, there is always going to be something that we are going to have to jump back into. However, many people who reside in Melbourne don’t know what to do with wallpaper or how to put it up. Here are some easy things to remember when putting up wallpaper in your home:

  • Have A Featured Wall – When you are going to put up wallpaper in your room, you have to have an accent wall. You don’t want to complete the entire room in wallpaper. This is not the 1960’s. The style is that you have one wall where you are going to put up the wallpaper and you will be able to bring attention to the bedroom. Then you can add the adjacent or opposite wall with different design normally strips or decent pattern to enhance the room.
  • Measure The Wall – You have to make sure that you have enough wallpaper before you get the job going. You don’t want to have half the wall done and then have to look at it until you get up the gusto to do it again. Sure, wallpapering a room is easier than in the past, but it is still a chore, so if you don’t want to do it, leave it to experts and enjoy your interesting and impressive walls.
  • Put The Glue – put the glue on the wall and wallpaper so it can absorb the glue. To truly put it up where it is going to be perfect, you first put the paste/glue on the wall and slap the paper on. Wallpaper today is easier to get off and this means if you want to change it after few years, you can get rid of it.

In Melbourne, there are a lot of trends that have made their way into the area, but when you think of wallpaper, there are certain texture papers that are going to bring out your personality in your home. The saying goes that wherever you are, you will always find ultimate rest and peace at your home. So allow yourself some style in your life. It is easy to get “hooked” on wallpaper and you are going to find yourself wanting more. After you have found your wall, measured and pasted the wall, you are ready to put up the wallpaper. However, one thing that you cannot forget is that you have to patch cracks and clean the wall.

You don’t want to have to have problems later down the line. You have to establish this if you are going to be able to put up your wallpaper correctly. Get extra wallpaper for the risk window and remove the chances of ending up with one strip less. You never know when you are going to mess up and have to get a new strip. By having extra, you are avoiding needing to quit the project because of one little mistake.

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